In this weeks video we are looking at “Juice” by Lizzo. This tune has some interesting chord inversions that are worth taking a look at. It’s a little trickier than one might think on first listen, but that’s the hallmark of a great guitar part!

So let us talk about this tune a little bit. The form is pretty standard, but breaks keep it from being perfectly symmetrical. The tune has the usual intro, verse, pre-chorus, and chorus arrangement, but there are vocal breaks in several spots and finally the bridge is a vocal break (in the chart these are all marked with rests). Those breaks along with the change in feel in the guitar part between the verse and chorus break up the monotony of the repetitive chord progression. This tune is a lot of fun to put together, but make sure you practice each one of the parts slow until your fingers can seamlessly make the changes between chord voicings. They are a little more complicated than they sound.

In the video I cover all the chord voicings and muting information you’ll need to learn the tune from start to finish. You will need to download the PDF chart of the tune in order to play along and see exactly what I’m talking about.

I enjoy doing these so I’m working on a “Learn to Play” series of videos. I will be putting up more free videos a couple times a month. I am also working on videos of more complex tunes that will be on the pay side of my profile.