This week it’s “Treasure” by Bruno Mars (click for a cool YouTube video). This tune is a lot of fun and uses some pretty slick harmony. A lot of great stuff to cover in this one so download the PDF chart here.

So let us talk about this tune a little bit. The tune has an intro, verse, chorus and bridge arrangement, but the chords in all sections are the same. The only difference is the octave in which the chords are played. This not only enhances the energy of the tune, but it also changes the top note of the chords between the verse and the chorus. If you are into funk music, there is a lot of harmonic information in this tune that you should dive into. Using upper structure triads is a big part of accurately recreating the style, and there are a lot of upper structure triads in this tune.

In the video I cover all the chord voicings and muting information you’ll need to learn the tune from start to finish. You will need to download the PDF chart of the tune in order to play along and see exactly what I’m talking about.

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