This weeks video is all about over gripping the guitar neck. One of the key mistakes that I see guitar players makes is applying too much pressure to the strings. This stretches from beginners to well known, major guitar figures. It causes a lot of common, but easily correctable issues.

The first issue is poor intonation. It becomes very easy to push the guitar strings either up or down and force them sharp. This happens in both chord voicings and single note solos. The second major issue that comes from over gripping is feeling like your stuck in mud. It becomes very difficult to shift between chords or play single note lines quickly. Both of these issues can be remedied by simply adjusting how hard you press down on the guitar strings.

In this quick lesson I talk about a few things you can work on when you practice to adjust how hard you grip the guitar strings. You essentially want to re-train your brain to not let your hands work so hard. Once you have developed the necessary durability on the ends of your fingers it’s really not that difficult to get a clean sound from each note that you’re playing. Think about Wes Montgomery, does it ever look like he’s physically stressed when he’s playing guitar? Something to keep in mind. Check out this free YouTube video and see if it helps your playing. Please remember to subscribe to my channel for more videos. Happy Practicing!