In today’s video I’m going over the 5 classic jazz guitar albums that have been the most influential to me. I’m not saying that these are the all time 5 greatest albums, but I am saying that these 5 albums have had the greatest influence on my playing. I thought about this quite a bit and I had to make some tough calls leaving off albums like “Jim Hall Live” and Wes Montgomery’s “Boss Guitar.” What I was able to come up with was a list of 5 albums that I always turn to when I want to work on fundamentals, time, language, and comping… And on top of that, they just happen to be from 4 of my favorite guitar players. I did limit this to “classic” jazz guitar albums so you won’t find a Peter Bernstein or Mike Moreno album on there, that list is for another day.

Anyway, I hope this list inspires you to check these albums out if you aren’t already familiar with them. Now, please check out the video and feel free to leave a comment about your top 5 jazz guitar albums. I’d love to hear what other people think and see if I can find some new music to check out!