In today’s video were talking about 10 jazz guitar players who you should be listening to. I’m not talking about players like John Scofield and Pat Metheny. Those guys are really well known and a lot of student try and copy their feel and sound with varying degrees of success.

Today I’m focusing on guitar players who have either been completely overlooked or players that I hear get mentioned a bunch as influences, but then people just throw out the cliched recordings (ex. Wes Montgomery, “Four on Six”). There are a lot more out there then 10 so I regretfully had to leave off some great ones like Herb Ellis and Ron Eschete to keep this video under 30 minutes. I also left off some players that I feel have an undeserved bad wrap, like Pat Martino. (To be honest, I don’t understand how so many guitar players miss out on the Pat Martino boat. I think he’s great! Really listen to El Hombre all the way through sometime, not only “Just Friends.” Also check out his early work with Don Patterson. Smokin’ stuff).

Back to my point…Check out this list and pick a couple guitar players and really dig in. Find an album or two and actively listen all the way through. Listen to their phrasing, comping, melodic development. See what you can hear and pick up. See if there are some things you want to lift and develop in your own playing. You’ll be amazed at what you start to notice!

If you have comments or want to throw some of your favorite guitar players at me, hit me up!