Bebop Scale Workout –

May 29, 2020|Categories: News|

Friday on May 29th, will be releasing my new course on the bebop scales for public consumption. In this lesson we will cover everything from the basics of chord building and fundamental aspects of playing through the bebop scales to building lines and [...]

New Lesson Course on

April 27, 2020|Categories: News|

It’s been a while since I’ve updated things on here. In the meantime, the world came to an abrupt halt and I had to move all my students to remote lessons. The main reason I paused the YouTube lesson videos is I began work [...]

Using Chord Shapes to Develop Arpeggios

January 31, 2020|Categories: Jazz|

In this weeks video I explore the arpeggios possible out of two pretty standard guitar voicings. Arpeggios along with scales make up the bulk of the information that we use to craft a solo, improvised or otherwise. Being nimble with arpeggios is about as [...]

Learning tunes by ear: The easy way

January 24, 2020|Categories: Jazz|

In this weeks video I break down some tips to helping you get started learning tunes by ear. This is probably the most important part of developing your tune rep. In this blog I just have a few more things to say about the [...]

Charlie Christian and that Rose Room Solo

January 17, 2020|Categories: Jazz|

In this week’s video we are talking about Charlie Christian’s solo on Rose Room. I know there are a lot of transcription videos available on this particular solo already floating around on YouTube, but I still wanted to throw my hat in the ring [...]

10 Jazz Guitar Players You Should Be Listening To

January 10, 2020|Categories: Jazz|

In today’s video were talking about 10 jazz guitar players who you should be listening to. I’m not talking about players like John Scofield and Pat Metheny. Those guys are really well known and a lot of student try and copy their feel and [...]

7 Reasons to dump your Real Book

January 3, 2020|Categories: Jazz|

Hey everyone, were back after a short end of the year break. I’m here to open 2020 by telling you you’re doing it all wrong. Sorry (womp, womp). No, but seriously, in this week’s video we’re talking about why you should break free from [...]

The Mysterious Suspended 7th Chord Explained

December 17, 2019|Categories: Jazz|

This week I’m here to offer some help with those pesky suspended chords. In this video lesson we talk about the three most commonly seen suspended chords in jazz harmony. For the most part, students that I work with understand them theoretically, but still [...]

My Top 5 Classic Jazz Guitar Albums

December 10, 2019|Categories: Jazz|

In today’s video I’m going over the 5 classic jazz guitar albums that have been the most influential to me. I’m not saying that these are the all time 5 greatest albums, but I am saying that these 5 albums have had the greatest [...]

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