This tip could make a big change in your guitar playing

November 25, 2019|Categories: Jazz|

This weeks video is all about over gripping the guitar neck. One of the key mistakes that I see guitar players makes is applying too much pressure to the strings. This stretches from beginners to well known, major guitar figures. It causes a lot [...]

Learn to play – “Juice” by Lizzo

November 4, 2019|Categories: Learn to Play|

In this weeks video we are looking at “Juice” by Lizzo. This tune has some interesting chord inversions that are worth taking a look at. It’s a little trickier than one might think on first listen, but that’s the hallmark of a great guitar [...]

Learn to play – “Roxanne” by the Police

October 21, 2019|Categories: Learn to Play|

Click here to check out my first attempt at creating a video lesson dedicated to a particular song. In this post we are looking at “Roxanne” by The Police. A radio hit for years, it’s probably drifted past your ears without so much as [...]

Triads – Just those little ‘ole 3 note chords

September 23, 2019|Categories: Jazz|

I hear a lot of pretty hip ideas when I’m checking out some of my favorite soloists in jazz. Whenever I go back and try to catch the lick, I almost always have the same reaction, “oh, it’s a triad.” It’s amazing how often [...]

Talkin’ Chord Symbols

August 22, 2019|Categories: Jazz|

One subject that creates the most confusion and yields the most questions among my students is chord symbols. Which of these is a power chord? What is that triangle supposed to be? Is a 13(#11) still a dominant seventh chord? Can I just ignore [...]

Jazz Guitar Lessons in the Style of Grant Green

August 15, 2019|Categories: Jazz|

Learning how to play jazz can seem like a daunting, and at times, absolutely insane undertaking, but it is extremely rewarding. One of the most important things to keep in mind when starting is that we’re actually learning a new language. The building blocks [...]

Scott Yanow Reviews Back at the Roadhouse

October 9, 2018|Categories: News|

I’m honored to have my newest CD, Back at the Roadhouse, reviewed by Scott Yanow! Read Scott's review here: “Teague Bechtel, who is originally from Orlando, Florida, is currently part of the Denver jazz scene. While he led and recorded with a blues/rock [...]

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